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When purchasing a third-party product from this website by clicking a Buy Now button or similar link on this site, you will be referred directly to the shopping cart or page of the third party in question. The shopping cart page may be operated by a third party directly or – more commonly – by a secure and trustworthy e-commerce provider contracted by the publisher/developer to handle sales.

Your legal contract of purchase is with the third-party Seller, developer, or publisher of the product. It is their responsibility to provide you with the product or license key of any software that you have purchased and to provide you with any technical support regarding the installation or use of the product if needed.

If any issue arises regarding your purchase, you should contact the developer or publisher directly. If you are unsure of how to contact them, the documentation or help provided with the product should provide the contact details. The Developer Information page also contains contact details for many of the products featured on our website.

For privacy, details of orders taken by third-party merchants or software developers are never shared with Jargon Free Shop. Therefore, we have no information about your order and are unable to provide you with any assistance in resolving any problem you may have with your purchase. In the unlikely event that you are unable to obtain any help from our merchants or software publisher, we would advise that you take the matter up with the e-commerce provider that took your order on their behalf, or your credit card issuer.


Except where a software publisher states that they offer a money-back guarantee, requests for refunds are granted entirely at the discretion of the merchants or software publisher.

Some software products featured on this website are available on a free trial or buy now basis. You are advised to take advantage of this because where free trials are offered, refunds are not generally granted after a license key has been issued for some software.

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